life coaching can help you lose weight

Many of us know what needs to be done in order to improve our health and fitness. However, for some reason time passes and we fail to achieve our goals.

The reasons for this can be simple or complicated.

The simple reason many people point to, is the fact that there are other more pressing issues at the top of our mind, and we simply don’t have enough energy to do everything. So the goals that are the least pressing (but may have the largest long term impact) such as health or fitness, get de-prioritized and are never done.

In fact, recent research has shown that our willpower is a finite resource, and certain conditions such as physical exhaustion, hunger, and others, can leave us without many willpower reserves.

The problem with this, is that good health and fitness are crucial to achieve other goals we may have. When we are healthy, we feel better, have more confidence, and even more creativity. All of these support the ability to accomplish many of the other goals we may have. If we keep de-prioritizing health and fitness, then we will achieve less of our other goals, which in turn might lead to even less motivation to invest in ourselves, and so forth.

In fact, regular exercise has been shown to be as effective as anti depressants in combatting depression. If one can beat depression by improving your fitness, think of what a non-depressed person can achieve in the other areas of life with an improved fitness.

A good life coach can help you prioritize these activities, and stick to the plan committed to. When obstacles arise, you can discuss them with your coach, and they can help you not lose track of what is important, even when time seems scarce. In fact, it is in those times when the pressure is at its most intense level, when you probably can benefit the most from exercise.

The complicated reason might be some deeper issue, that manifests itself as lack of willpower to do the right thing.

Many times, we have different limiting beliefs that prevent us from getting what we want. We may, for example, believe that we don’t deserve to be wealthy because our parents worked really hard and barely made a living, and we do not work hard. If this belief is deeply engrained, our blockage to wealth may manifest in a lack of desire to be in shape, or in the lack of motivation to do what we know is good for us.

In that case, no matter how much work we do on motivating ourselves, and working with a plan that prioritizes health and fitness, until that belief is dealt with it will be very hard to make real progress.

A good coach can help you identify those beliefs, and dismantle them. The coach will ask you questions about your motivations, and those questions are very good at uncovering your beliefs. These questions can make some people uncomfortable, and so having someone who can ask them again and again is invaluable.

Once you have uncovered these beliefs, you will see that everything will start getting better. It will be easier to motivate yourself to get in a good state of fitness, and then you can start seeing positive results in how you feel and the amount of energy you have, at which stage you will start an upward spiral of success.

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