How effective is coaching? We examined the scientific literature to find out.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been getting many questions from our clients about the scientific proof of the effectiveness of coaching. Our clients could not easily find one answer to this question. The reason for that is that while many research studies have been conducted, each examining different elements of coaching effectiveness, there was no one place summarizing them all. Some studies look into increase in subjective feelings of wellbeing, while others look at more objective measures, such Read More

What can coaching help me achieve?

A good coach can help you tackle just about anything you face in life. If you found this blog post, you probably feel some desire to fulfill a greater potential, or improve some aspect of your life…and there’s no time like the present! As the saying goes ‘The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago, but the second best time is today.’ Many people come to LiveCoach for help with: ⦁ Clarifying values and what’s most important to Read More

Envisioning the life you desire

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare Our life is shaped by many things outside our control – it’s true. But it’s also shaped by millions of choices that we make all the time. Many of these choices are subconscious – we don’t even realize we’re making them. Only by becoming more mindful of these choices can we have influence over them, and ultimately over our life. Accepting the status quo is Read More

How can a coach help me improve my personal relationships?

Meaningful relationships can be both highly rewarding and also extremely challenging. We’ve all had difficulties dealing with people in our lives and we often fall into the same patterns over and over again in relationships. It can be humbling to accept the fact that we could gain a lot from a little bit of external help. Here’s where coaching comes in. When navigating relationship challenges, people tend to fall into one of two categories: those who blame themselves when something isn’t Read More

How perspective shifts can make us happier and healthier

How many times in your life has something happened that turned your perspective upside down? Once? Twice? Some of us spend a lifetime without a single radical shift of perspectives. Not all radical-perspective-altering-events are good. In fact, most are horrible. Huge, perspective changing events often create huge practical and emotional upheaval. (For example losing a loved one, experiencing a major injustice, or surviving a natural disaster.) But one thing these challenges have in common is their ability to catalyze major personal Read More

I feel stuck in my social circles. . . can coaching help?

Do you feel stuck in your current social circles, or want to improve certain friendships or make new ones? You’re not alone; in fact, when we start focusing on personal development it’s quite common to feel this way. Often as we grow in our self-awareness, or identify the beliefs or behaviors holding us back, we also start to notice how similar patterns may apply to our friends, and many people turn to coaching to find more satisfaction in their friendships or Read More

How is online coaching better than in-person coaching?

The Internet and smart phones have made it easier than ever to be connected all the time. At LiveCoach, we wanted to harness this ability to make coaching more effective and efficient. Here’s how it works: instead of meeting your coach periodically in person, you can message them at any time, whenever you feel the need. Then, you receive their reply when they have time to answer. At first people were skeptical about this approach. Some people think the rapport formed Read More