The clock is ticking, the Christmas season is underway, and 2019 is fast approaching.

There are 32 days left until the New Year!

What’s your 2019 plan? How will 2019 be different than 2018?

Time is our limiter, we each only have so much time to get all the things done personally and professionally that are important to us. So, let me ask you, how intentional are you about your time? Do you have a written plan of your vision, dreams, and goals that are important to you? How often do you check in with yourself on how you are progressing towards your goals?

Time slips away quickly if you are not tracking it diligently. You may not be aware of areas you can be more efficient, or where you may be wasting time without routine reviews.

Here are some of my favorite hacks to get your plan in place before the New Year and maintaining it throughout the year:

1) Set aside time in your calendar to think about what you want to accomplish across all areas of life in 2019. Use this time to reflect on what your priorities will be by examining your health, career, relationships and living purposefully

2) Write it down; there is something magical about inking it in with your handwriting. Electronic tools and calendars are great options but seeing it on paper, on purpose will support you moving forward with more commitment

3) Revisit your plan – daily! Yes, I said daily! Keeping those priorities top of mind allows them not to drift further down on your list of priorities or even worse, fall off completely.

4) Find a planning method that works for you and don’t let the process overwhelm you. There are so many excellent tools and resources to support you tracking your goals and progress but if you find you don’t stay with the method than keep searching until you get one you like. Remember, your plan can be written on a blank sheet of paper if you are starting.

5) Reflect daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly on your progress. Plan an appointment with yourself to review and check-in on your progress, making adjustments as needed

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