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What are you NOT getting now?

Many people turn to professional coaching to find a better job or change professions or careers entirely. First you’ll want to ask yourself, what is your current job NOT giving you? What do you want that you’re not currently getting? It may sound trivial, but if you skip this step you may find yourself in a new job still feeling dissatisfied.

At your current job, maybe you:

  • Feel bored and want to feel more engaged?
  • Feel unmotivated by the company mission and want to find work you’re more excited about?
  • Not enjoy your co-workers and want to work with smarter or more driven people?
  • Not make enough money?
  • Not receive benefits or a good compensation package?
  • Have a role that doesn’t play to your strengths and want to switch functions?

Or maybe you feel all of the above!

It’s very common to feel dissatisfied with your job; almost everyone does at some point. But even if you answered YES to all of the above, simply finding a job that addresses these needs doesn’t ensure it will be your dream job. To land your dream job, you also need to understand your motivations, strengths and drives. Your coach can help you dig deep within yourself to explore these.

Consider the following example: You want to make more money. First your coach will ask WHY? Maybe you want to be able to afford certain things like experiences and vacations, that you can’t afford now. Your coach can help you explore the options for how to make more money. For instance, maybe you have the option of pursuing a promotion and raise at your current workplace, but this option come with it’s own price tag of less free time, more stress, and possibly working weekends. So in this case, even if you succeed in making your dream salary, you might not be able to enjoy the vacations or experiences that you wanted all along.

While this is a simple example, the point is that if we fail to think through the reasons behind our desires and the potential outcomes, we may end up accomplishing our goal but still feeling dissatisfied.

What is your dream job like – both externally and internally?

Did you know the that ‘feeling bored at work’ is reported as the number two reason that people quit their jobs? And yet, so few people take the time to figure out how to find a job that fulfills their internal needs. When looking for your dream job, you coach can help you understand what your internal needs are and then evaluate whether potential opportunities will meet both your internal and external requirements. .

Have you ever asked yourself – How do I want to feel at work everyday? Your coach can help you uncover how you want to feel, and weigh the trade-offs between having your internal needs met and meeting all external requirements, such as salary or location. Once you understand these, you can envision a job or career that maximizes the greatest amount of things you care about. Then together you can create an action plan to get you from your current situation to your desired destination.

The journey can be fun!

Before working with a coach, many people dread the idea of finding a new job. Many people even stay in an unsatisfying job because the prospect of having to find a new one seems so stressful or overwhelming. At LiveCoach, our clients have found that by working with their coach to identify motivations, lay out goals and design a plan of action, the process can be enlightening, inspiring and even fun. As you start implementing your plan, some steps might be easier than expected. Other steps will be much harder…and that’s OK. Your coach can help you modify your approach to continue moving forward in the most effective way possible.  Research shows that people who have a guide or mentor are much more likely to succeed than those who don’t. Our clients report that a huge part of making their career transition successful was having their coach to guide them, keep them accountable, and support them along the journey.

The best way to get started is to start your free trial and connect with a coach. During the first 7 days you can talk to as many coaches as you want, to find the one who is the best fit for you.

Best of luck,
The LiveCoach team