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Reply To: A user wants to work on the following: We argue we dont resolve. I dont feel valid in the marriage. I am second wife and feel like “step wife” “band aid”. Id like to be understood and validated. In 11 years Ive lived with his alcoholism. 2 years into the marriage he revealed he has herpes and chose not to disclose afraid id break up with him….DUH! and 4 years into the marriage I discovered hes a crossdresser….go BACK to herpes….I fear hes secretly gay….go back to “band aid” he has no intimate or affectionate interest in me anymore and im living an identity crises because of supporting him through his explorations and feeling i got nothing in return shut down and shut out. I am a nurse he owns auto repair shop. His ex wife is still on deed to home after 11 years??? I am unable to get my feelings through he argues justifies debates…..stonewalling
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