life coaching can help you envision your future and plan for it

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”
– William Shakespeare

Our life is shaped by many things outside our control – it’s true. But it’s also shaped by millions of choices that we make all the time. Many of these choices are subconscious – we don’t even realize we’re making them. Only by becoming more mindful of these choices can we have influence over them, and ultimately over our life.

Accepting the status quo is a self-protection mechanism

We may feel deep down that a better life is possible. But this feeling can be so frightening or overwhelming that we repress it, or make some excuse for it.

If you’ve ever told yourself ‘Well, disappointment is just part of being an adult’, ‘I don’t reach for the stars, I have realistic expectations’, or ‘We all have to make compromises we don’t like’, we’re here to help you get those ideas out of your mind.

The reality is you CAN live a life full of satisfaction, happiness, health and fulfillment. But without a clear vision for how this life will look, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever achieve it.

Envisioning your future is the first step to achieving it

Trying to define your ideal life can feel nearly impossible on your own, where do you even start?! A professional coach can help guide you through the discovery process, consider new options, call you out on limiting beliefs, and get deeply clear about the type of life you want to create.

Many clients have discovered that it was hard for them to envision a better future while struggling with the demands and stresses of everyday life. Before beginning the process, a coach can teach you specific techniques to help reduce your stress levels and brainstorm how to create enough mental space for you to do some deep thinking about the future you want.

Moving beyond past choices, stepping into the unknown

As you begin the reflection process, you may notice that many constraints in your current life are a product of certain past choices. If faced with the same choice today you probably wouldn’t take the same path. These leftover consequences of past choices can linger, affecting many areas of our lives and leaving us feeling dis empowered. By examining how our past choices have shaped our current situation, we can get clear on how to change it. Consider the following example:

One client felt trapped in a job they didn’t enjoy in order to provide for their family and pay the bills. Their income was a constraint, and their professional dissatisfaction was the consequence. They couldn’t even imagine a future in which they got paid slightly less (if this sounds familiar, see our post on how coaching can help increase your income.)

They felt completely stuck and couldn’t see a future where they got everything they desired. Their coach helped them break out of this mental paradigm and evaluate the situation differently. In this example, although they provided for their family financially, they hadn’t considered how their lack of satisfaction was affecting their attitude and energy levels when spending time with their family.

Set the ultimate end goal and work backwards

Instead of thinking within the demands and constraints that exist in your current situation, start by fully envisioning the future you want. Try to envision this future in great detail. How do you feel? What do you spend time doing? What are your personal interactions like? What activities or material goods do you enjoy? Let your imagination go wild! A good coach can help you carefully refine your answers over time get to a specific, achievable vision of your ideal life.

Once you’ve developed this vision, your coach can help you generate an action plan to get there. Action plans can be most successful when they include a series of specific milestones, where accomplishing each milestone gets you closer to living your ideal reality.

Your coach can also help you figure out how to integrate your plan within your current life constraints, and support you if you need to make changes along the way. With LiveCoach, you get the benefit of constant messaging check ins with your coach, to address challenges as challenges arise. And of course you can schedule a phone call for a brainstorming session together whenever you need along the way.

Create a vision for your ideal life today!

Already have a vision for your life? Way to go – you’ve already won half the battle! And if you haven’t been able to make meaningful progress towards it, a coach can definitely help support you along the way.

Start your free trial today and chat with as many coaches as you want FREE for 7 days! Find the best coach to help you create a vision for your ideal life and get started on achieving it today.

Good luck!
The LiveCoach Team