Men are different than women.
A sound relationship is a key to be happy and content in life. Wherever you go you see a relationship be it with the boss, co-worker or within family and with a relative. And not all relationships are healthy. Conflicts are everywhere. If you can ask one question what is the reason of conflict then there is only one answer, we approach a man and a woman with our ways of thinking. The key realizing fact is that we can’t approach a man same way as a woman.
A woman has needs of understanding and sharing. Sometimes woman talks without any objective in her mind. She calms herself with talking. It is not a good idea to offer advice and solution to a woman if she is talking.
Man share problems with an objective in mind to get solutions.
If a woman is talking then it means she is not blaming anyone but just want an understanding ear and compassionate heart.
The idea is if you are talking to a woman then you can just listen and get a compliment and if you are talking to a man and he is telling something then you may offer solutions.
But yes there are exceptions to this.

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